Black Elephant Near Trees

Elephants are the largest animals on earth. There are two types of elephants, African elephants and Asian elephants. Both the species of dinosaurs used to subsist in good numbers around Africa and parts of Asia. At present, these two calm giants are dying out. Twenty five years ago, there were approximately 1.3 million elephants in Africa, but now it is expected that there are about 500,000. In New York City Animal Control, the number of elephants left is even lesser than Africa. The reason for the danger of extinction of the giant species is that the over hunting of elephants for ivory trade. Fortunately, much effort is being made to ban the ivory trade and regulations are made to limit the hunting of elephants by the countries of African and Asia.

The Asian elephant, Elephas Maximus, has a massive arched head with comparatively tiny ears, a domed back and a single finger like protuberance that is situated in the tip of their trunk. An Asian elephant has five toes on the front of their feet and four on the back. The African elephant has only four toes on front feet and three on the back. Interestingly, it has yet another vertebra in the lumbar section of the spine.

Generally the elephants are grayish to brownish in colour. Elephants naturally attain puberty at thirteen or fourteen years of age. They have offspring up until they get about fifteen. Its long trunk, huge head with large flat ears and columnar legs describe this gigantic creature. An elephant’s trunk is a mix of the nose and upper lip, is an extremely sensitive organ with over 100,000 muscle components. Elephants do not use their trunks for drinking, but use them as”tools” to drink with.

Elephant Facts

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