White and Gray Dolphin on Blue Water

Dolphins are amazing creatures and here are a few of their best facts.
1. Dolphins are mammals; they nurse their young from mammary glands and feed them with milk in the mother. Dolphins can swim up to 260 m. below the surface of the ocean, even though they’re primarily shallow divers and they stay near the surface. Dolphins can remain up to 15 minutes under water although they usually stay just a couple of minutes diving before they go up to breathe.
4. Dolphins use a technique called echolocation to find food and navigate.
5. Dolphins are social beings that live in groups and collaborate among each other for activities like getting food and calf rising.
6. There are 32 species of sea dolphins and 5 species of river dolphins.
7. The biggest dolphin is the”killer whale” (orca), which can grow to 6.1 meters long.
8. The most famous Shrimp is the”bottlenose dolphin” which can grow to 2.5-2.8 meters.
9. Dolphins are warm-blooded and their internal temperature is about 36 degrees. To preserve this temperature they’re surrounded by a thick layer of fat called”blubber” just beneath the epidermis.
10. The average botllenose dolphin brain weighs 1500-1600 grams, while average human brain weighs 1200-1300 grs. This isn’t a conclusive evidence of dolphin intelligence as many other factors might be the cause of intelligence according to Dania Beach Wildlife Removal.
11. Dolphins can make a special signature whistle that may help individual dolphins recognize each other or perform any other kind of communication still unknown.
12. Bottlenose dolphins can swim 5 to 12 km per hour, although they can reach up to 32 km/h.

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